Please be our guest as we celebrate the 18th Birthday of (girl’s name)


Once upon a time a young girl had a dream
To have the most beautiful party anyone has ever seen
We ask you to join us and make her dream come true
It just won’t be the same without a special guest like you


Once in a lifetime, do you turn 18
never again, will this age be seen
I’m inviting you to help make mine
an event to look back at in time…


I, (girl’s name), am celebrating my 18th Birthday.
This is a very special event in my life.
Being 18 symbolizes that I am now ready to step into
womanhood, to honor my family, and to reaffirm my
Faith in God, My Church, and My Community. I am prepared
to face the challenges that lie ahead of me.
I would be honored if you would accept my invitation
to be part of my special day.


(venue) will be the scene
To celebrate (girl’s name) 18th Birthday
(date) is the date
The party starts at (time) so don’t be late
Your presence is crucial, so RSVP
By returning your response card ASAP


Her dream is about to come true.
(parents’ names)
invite you to a Dinner-Dance
to celebrate the 18th Birthday
of their loving daughter
(girl’s name)


(parents’ names)
request the pleasure of your company
as they celebrate the 18th Birthday
of their daughter
(girl’s Name)


As I take my stand
And get ready to soar the vast sky
I would be pleased to have you by my side
My parents
(parents’ names)
And I,
(girl’s name)
Request the honour of your presence
As I celebrate my 18th Birthday


Gone are the days of candies and Barbie dolls
of playful acts and childish ways.
Through those years she learned how to stand
and face her fears strongly.
Our lovely lady becomes more beautiful, inside out.
To this day we pray to practice the acts of kindness and humility.
In her, our love and understanding remain
from today to more years to come.
To (girl’s name), we’ve always loved.
– (parents’ names)


When you wish upon a star,
Your dreams will take you very far,
A special wish I want to make,
That you will come and celebrate (girl’s name) 18th Birthday!


I, (girl’s name)
with God’s blessing,
and the love my parents have given me
feel proud for reaching this time in my life,
when dreams of a little girl become
realities of a young woman.
Together with my parents
(parents’ names)
I cordially invite you to
the celebration of my 18th Birthday


A girl turns 18th only once in her life, and on this special occasion
(girl’s name)
would love for you to join her in celebration.


The joy of your company is requested as we celebrate the 18th Birthday of (girl’s name)


Prepare for an evening of enchantment
Only once in her life does a girl turn 18
It’s a magical time when the whole world seems to gleam
There’s a party for our princess (girl’s name)
With dancing and fun
Celebrate under the stars with everyone


An Enchanted Moment that is the Scene,
Our Princess (girl’s name) is turning 18!
The Magnificent Day is Here at Last,
Dinner & Dancing, a Dynamic Blast!
You are cordially invited
to this joyous occasion for
(girl’s name)