We have experienced love.
In our parents, our families and friends
and now a new love in each other
One love that is shared by two


As our marriage brings new meaning to love
so our love brings new meaning to life


A fresh new day, and it is ours
a day of happy beginnings


Our wedding day a new life has its start
We’ll share with each other
one love, one dream, one heart


Love fills the moment,
and the moment begins eternity
Love fills a lifetime,
and a lifetime begins this hour


And the two
shall become one…


Love is patient; love is kind
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
There is nothing love cannot face;


How beautiful is the day
that is touched by love


We spun the wheel, and took a chance,
we hit the jackpot with true romance!…


As autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue
two lovers will join and say I do!


Today is the first day
of our life together
Each hour, each day, each year
We grow as two, yet as one,
We grow apart, yet together
Forming an eternal love


Love fills the moment
and the moment begins eternity
Love fills a lifetime
and a lifetime begins this hour


Each of us – a half – incomplete
together we are as one…
in this there shall be joy


The love we share today
shines from sunrise to sunrise
growing brighter, year to year
as we share our lives


Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in Love


This day I will marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with, live for, love


On this day
I will marry my friend
The one who shares my dreams,
life and love


He is soft-spoken,
and I am a chatterbox
He loves a love story,
and I like to laugh
He whispered,
“Will you marry me?”
and I shouted, “Yes!”


In this world of uncertainty
and confusion,
we two have found each other…
different yet alike
We have grown together in
love and understanding


With each believing the other to be
a giver of love, a sharer of sorrow,
a bringer of joy and a reason for life


Love is the most beautiful gift
we are given to share


Let this be our destiny
to love, to live
to begin each new day together
to share our lives forever


Today is the day we got hitched,
rode off into the sunset
and lived happily ever after…